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Monday, 14 February 2012

Then use the scissors to cut along these lines from the outside edge to the vertical chalk line so that you seem to be making fringe along the edge of the felt. The overblouse will also be sewn to this seam, and the seam will be enclosed by the overblouse, making both sides of the garment neat. Push the clothespin into the balloon's mouthpiece so that the jaws of the clothespin come almost to the end of the mouthpiece and the legs of the clothespin stick out the other end of the balloon. Buy Louis Vuitton Bag On Sale. The bigger the note, the wider her mouth will have to open. Use the utility knife to cut all the way through the top of the door and the right side. Pull the mouth of a balloon through each hole, from the inside of the boat to the outside, so that the mouthpiece (the curled lip) sticks out of the back of the boat.

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