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Friday, 11 February 2012

With the utility knife or one leg of the scissors, lightly score the left vertical side of the door. I think she makes a charming bride! Another favorite bride doll is dressed from a sketch of an 1840 wedding dress imported from France and worn by a Southern belle. When rounding the collar curve in front, pull slightly on the tape as you sew, to make the round corner curve under. Buy Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM. Draw your pets (dogs, cats, fish, or what-have-you) to see how they'd look in cool duds. I stitched the side seams together (not the shoulder seams yet), and stitched the back seam, leaving an opening for putting the gown on the doll. Face the popper away from you, and away from other people, then pull the knot back and let go.

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