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Wednesday, 19 April 2012

Here are directions for baby doll booties, using regular three-ply baby yarn and a size six, seven or eight crochet hook. I wanted added length and fullness at the bottom of the back bodice only so I split the lining pattern piece fan shaped and added the wanted length and fullness. Often tucks were alternated with inserted bands of lace or eyelet, and even the undergarments became elaborate with tucks. Louis Vuitton Cheap Outlet Store. Let the short end of the yarn hang out about an inch; clip the end of the paper to a point from one corner down in a slanting cut and, using Another way to thread yarn on a needle Is to place the end of the yarn In the center of a short length of paper and fold the paper in half enclosing the yarn, cut the paper to a point and thread the paper and yarn through the needle’s eye. The nap on velvets can usually be revived by steaming and sometimes, depending on the velvet, you can restore it by placing it in the clothes dryer with a damp wash cloth. Measure 4Óă" down from the crease and sew across at the mark from selvage to selvage, mark down another 4Vi” and sew.

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