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Thursday, 15 January 2013

Hold the ribbon in your right hand between the thumb and forefinger, pinching close to the knot. Draw bricks with your black permanent markers or get supercrafty and paint the entire thing gray, then add brickwork designs. Look for one that has a nice border all around and a small embroidered pattern in each corner because more elaborate embroidery will overwhelm the doll. Louis Vuitton Daniel GM Replica. Do the same with all of the gores and the collar should now be pretty close to being the same as the first pattern. Propeller boat Step up your marina with this milk carton boat and its rubber band-powered propeller. Another way to trim is by binding which is the same as using the bias trim, but it covers the edge of the material on both the right and the wrong side, whereas the bias trim can cover the right side only.

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