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Monday, 17 June 2012

Do the same thing on the other end, making sure the string is even between the two finger loops. Soon you are haunting every garage sale, doll show, flea market, thrift store and any other place where you hope to find a treasure in a bit of old lace, antique silk or other material that you think you simply must have for that doll. Use the utility knife to cut along the line on one side, then across the bottom of the narrow end, then up the line on the opposite side. Louis Vuitton Doctor Handbag Replica. You can make it for larger dolls, you can edge it with self material or ruffles, even bind it with ribbon. Use the utility knife to cut all the way through the top of the door and the right side. When I looked at the sketch I felt that I'd have my best success if I made the dress in three sections and then combined them into one; so, first came the lovely ruffled skirt.

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