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Tuesday, 14 May 2012

Cut two 1 x 3 inch strips of construction paper and form them into loops slightly bigger than the circumference of your pointer finger. By pulling a thread, your ruffles will be even and the fabric will have a straight edge. You now have a cutout person and the shape of a person cut out in the center of the paper. Louis Vuitton Munich Outlet. Lovely doll quilts can be made of one or two colors of tricot, quilted in a design or tied with yarn. Place heavy objects over the seam (such as books or bricks) until the seam is firmly reattached. To make your person wear a dress or skirt, cut out a skirt shape from the waist to the knees on the paper so it looks like this: Draw different characters (such as a ballerina, race car driver, or clown).

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