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The following is a list of international experts, including academics, practitioners and others who have been associated with the Sport for All and physical activity sector, and more specifically TAFISA, for an extended period, and who TAFISA considers qualified to lecture or consult as its representative.

Prof. Rodolfo Valgoni Argentina
Bae Schilling Australia
Hon. Brian Dixon Australia
Prof. Dr. Lamartine DaCosta Brazil
Kenneth Marchtaler Canada
Dr. Thomas Ta-Huang Chinese Taipei
Prof. Hank Jwo Chinese Taipei
Dr. Oscar Azuero Colombia
Torben Jensen Denmark
Preben Staun Denmark
Eerika Laalo-Haikio Finland
Jorma Savola Finland
Prof. Dr. Ilka Vuori Finland
Joel Raynaud France
Andreas Klages Germany
Michael Tockweiler Germany
Dr. Jochen Fritzweiler Germany
Wolfgang Baumann Germany
Prof. Dr. Peter Kapustin Germany
Prof. Dr. Gyöngyi Földesi Hungary
Prof. Dr. Suresh Deshpande India
Mitra Rouhi Iran
Herzel Hagay Israel
Prof. Dr. Yasuo Yamaguchi Japan
Prof. Dr. Ju Ho Chang Korea
Dr. Kang-Too Lee Korea
Iao Lek (Alex) Vong Macau, China
Sarjit Singh Malaysia
Wim Florijn Netherlands
Peter Barendse Netherlands
Comfort Nwankwo Nigeria
Dr. Ewa Suska Poland
Prof. Dusan Mitic Serbia
Prof. Dr. Anneliese Goslin South Africa
Leonard Thadeo Tanzania
Prof. Dr. Erdal Zorba Turkey
Prof. Dr. Ismail Hakki Mirici Turkey
Prof. Dr. Diane Jones-Palm United States
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