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A Program From Africa, For Africa

The TAFISA VIPS (Volunteer Initiative for Peace through Sport) Program focuses on Sport for All in Africa and aims at developing a network of trained Sport for All volunteers and managers across the African continent.

The Program was launched in Darussalam, Tanzania in 2011 when TAFISA President Kang-too Lee forwarded 3.000 soccer balls to the Tanzania government represented by the Chairman of the National Sports Council of Tanzania.

Program Structure:

  • VIPS Training Course in Sport for All:  Targeted educational programs to develop leaders in the field of Sport for All with specialisation in key demand areas, including volunteerism, strategy development, integration, peace promotion and socialisation.
  • VIPS Peace Festivals:  Local, national or international festivals to showcase the vast traditional and cultural importance of Sport for All in Africa and promote understanding and peace between nations.
  • VIPS Volunteer Corps:  A network of trained volunteers across the African continent that will be responsible for local promotion and coordination of VIPS programs and events at both national and international levels.
  • VIPS African Sport for All Academy: As the final ‘nucleus’ of the VIPS program, the Academy will be located in Tanzania and coordinated by the Ministry of Information, Culture and Sports through the Malya Sports College, and will be responsible for coordination of VIPS and its courses and events, VIPS communications and research and development in the field of Sport for All.



  • UNOSDP: Following a meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, UNOSDP, under the chair of Mr. Wilfried Lemke, was appointed to be the responsible UN agency.  Please see attached support letter.
  • UNESCO: In October 2011 TAFISA and UNESCO signed a partnership agreement on the VIPS program.
  • Ministry of Information, Culture and Sports of Tanzania: With the efforts of TAFISA Vice President for Africa, Leonard Thadeo, the Ministry has agreed to become the central contact point for the VIPS Program together with the National Sports Council of Tanzania.
  • TAFISA Africa: As the regional body, TAFISA Africa coordinates the practical implementation of the VIPS program


On the initiative of Leonard Thadeo, TAFISA Vice President and Director of Sport at the Tanzanian Sport Ministry, representatives from 10 African countries met April 17-21, 2012 in Arusha, Tanzania to work together and share experiences during the TAFISA/UNESCO VIPS Training Course, the officially launched event as part of the VIPS program under the patronage of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.  The event was joined by the UNESCO representative from the Nairobi Office, Kenya, Ms. Mulekeni Ngulube.

The next VIPS Training Course will take place in Nov. 2012 in Lagos, Nigeria for the West African countries.



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